In the early dawn hours of September 8, 1939, ten-year-old Dina Frydman sits at her window. Nightmares have kept her awake all night. Now, as she hears a distant rumble she watches the tanks roll into Radom. The Nazis have conquered Poland and nothing will ever be the same. Dina and her family prepare for the worst. But they could never imagine what the worst would be.


The war marches on and the evils perpetrated by the Nazis force Dina to grow up fast. When Dina meets Natek Korman in a forced labor camp where she sorts through the belongings of murdered Jews, under watchful Nazi guards, she experiences the first blush of love. In Natek, Dina finds not only an ally, but a best friend. Dina and Natek vow that no matter what happens, they will stay alive and find each other after the war.


From the depravation of the Glinice and the Walowa ghettos, to the back-breaking slave labor camps, to the smoke stacks of Auschwitz and the wall of death at Bergen Belsen, Dina’s journey is unforgettable. Her will to survive is remarkable. But most extraordinary is her buoyant spirit that touches the lives of everyone she meets.


As Dina travels through the gates of hell of the Holocaust, her life becomes a beacon in one of the darkest storms in human history. 

Based closely on the true story of one of the youngest survivors of the Holocaust, The Last Daughter will reaffirm your faith in the indomitability of the human spirit.