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Tip of the Spear Series

Cyrus Hassani knows twenty-five different ways to kill with his bare hands.

It’s as second nature to him as making a perfect omelet or making love to a desirable woman. A deep-cover spy for Mossad, for more than ten years, Cyrus has lived his life with cold precision, until he meets Jewish American graduate student Layla Wallace. Kidnapped and imprisoned in Iran, Layla’s life hangs in the balance as Cyrus blows his cover to rescue her. Now, Cyrus has a new mission — protect Layla with his life and love her with his very soul.


The stakes couldn’t be higher as the balance of peace teeters precariously on the Tip of the Spear. Cyrus and his elite team of agents — a group of courageous men and women— embark on dangerous missions to thwart the ever-looming threat of deadly terrorists and nuclear attacks.


Award-winning and bestselling author Belle Ami delivers a fast-paced and thrilling international espionage series interwoven with complex and compelling love stories about the heroes and heroines who work deep undercover to keep the world safe. Guaranteed page-turners, you will want to read all the books in the Tip of the Spear Series: Escape, Vengeance, Ransom, and Exposed.


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