Out of Time Series

She can see into the past. She can see the truth. But the truth can be deadly. When art historian Angela Renatus meets Alex Caine, her life does a backflip as she falls for the handsome charmer and former Navy Seal turned private detective who recovers stolen and missing art for wealthy collectors. When Alex hires Angela to help him find a stolen Leonardo da Vinci painting — a mysterious masterpiece that no one knows even exists — he never expects to fall head over heels in love with the brainy and beautiful art historian.


 As Angela and Alex track down the da Vinci and other stolen paintings around the world, they face danger from underworld art dealers, organized crime syndicates, and maniacal masterminds. But another danger lurks in the dark corners of Angela’s mind, haunting her with visions about the missing paintings and the artists who created them. Revelations begin to surface, and long-buried secrets begin to unfold, unraveling the mysteries of the past. Angela and Alex begin to realize the unimaginable — their whirlwind romance is not love-at-first-sight at all. They have met before and loved before.

Time and again.

Always with tragic consequences.

 Can Angela and Alex build a life together, knowing that fate might tear them apart once more?

The Out of Time Series is a time-travel, historical romance, mystery thriller series that will leave you breathless....The Girl Who Knew Da Vinci, The Girl Who Loved Caravaggio, and the Girl Who Adored Rembrandt and coming in 2021, The Girl Who Forgot Botticelli.

Audio Book

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