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Point of No Return by R. J. Dillon

Honestly, sometimes I’m taken aback when a great book does not receive its due. Such is the case of R.J. Dillon’s espionage thriller Point of no Return. This heart-palpitating book is an incredibly professionally written story, filled with all the elements that make a great thriller impossible to put down. The author’s command of the inner workings of British Secret Intelligence Service's (SIS), and its Covert Operations Directorate, CO8, is breathtaking. He successfully illuminates the inner workings of a terrorist’s mind and manages not to glorify or beautify those who dedicate their lives to fighting evil. His knowledge of the Middle East is impeccable. His covert agent and hero, Nick Torr, is better than Bond. But his prose is what sets him apart.

I write thrillers about the Middle East, and this story utterly enthralled me. From the first chapter where a Syrian diplomat’s defection goes wrong, Nick follows the trail of clues and bodies from Czechoslovakia, London, and finally to Syria to stop a terrorist bombing in London. I highly recommend this book to all who love a great spy tale.

Here's one of my many favorite excerpts: “There are decisions that take a split second to make and a lifetime to relive: each moment replayed over and again in minute detail; a painful analysis of what went wrong, a lonely and miserable consideration of every single action.”

You can get POINT OF NO RETURN on Amazon.