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Book Review: Hiding by Jenny Morton Potts

Hiding is a compelling suspense novel with a surprise twist. An interesting psychological expose of how a young man through unfortunate events can morph into a remorseless killer. Under different circumstances Keller Bayes might have gone on to college, and become a stellar citizen. He’s smart, thinking, he knows right from wrong, but the system fails him and he’s left to follow his worst instincts. His father, a good father, is involved in a robbery and murders a retired judge in cold blood. His father in desperation made a poor choice and ends up the scapegoat for a criminal gang and sits on death row awaiting his final hour. An underage Keller is placed in a cold hearted Aunt’s care and from there everything goes downhill.

Rebecca Brown was four years old when her parents are killed in a car crash orphaning her and her two siblings, Austen and Collette. They are raised by their grandparents in a remote village in Scotland far from the maddening crowd. Rebecca with little or no memory of the events that landed her in this Gothic run-down mansion suffers from knowing little or nothing about her parents. Her grandmother is a cold, dispassionate woman and exudes little warmth. She wears her anger and disappointments with life like a shroud for all to see. As for the grandfather, the Doors’ lyrics describe him to a tee. “Well, I've been down so Goddamn longthat it looks like up to me.”

What links these two disparate people, Rebecca and Keller together? Rebecca Brown and Keller Baye are going to meet, and fall in, well, I won’t say love, but rather fall into each other. The confluence of events and motives and the excellent writing of Ms. Potts is what makes this twisted thriller so readable and such a page turner.