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Book Review: The Phoenix Syndrome by Claire Gem

The Phoenix Syndrome is the story of a woman who is forced to come to terms with her disintegrating marriage and her soon to be empty nest. Lannie gave up her dreams to marry Karl and now in her forties, she’s beginning to realize it was a disastrous mistake. The truth begins to crystallize on her birthday when her celebratory weekend turns into one disappointment after another. Because her husband failed to acquire tickets in advance to a sold-out classical concert she, her brother and sister-in-law end up at their sons’ heavy metal concert. Lannie doesn’t know it yet, but the drummer in the band, a younger man she can’t keep her eyes off, is about to change her life.

What a sexy and entertaining story! So relevant to people who find themselves in a mid-life crisis. Is it possible to make a new life after a marriage ends? Can you pursue the dreams of youth? Lannie’s story is proof of how difficult it is to rise from the ashes, but how sweet the journey.